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C^1 isogeometric spaces on multipatch geometries

Prof. Giancarlo Sangalli, University of Pavia

Sala Conferenze IMATI-CNR - Venerdì 6 Novembre 2015 h.10:00

Abstract.  One key feature of isogeometric analysis is that it allows smooth shape functions.
This is achieved by p-degree splines (and extensions, such as NURBS) that are
globally up to C^(p-1)-continuous in each patch. However, global continuity beyond
C^0 on so-called multi-patch geometries poses some significant difficulties. In this
talk, I consider multi-patch domains that have a parametrization which is only C^0
at the patch interface. On such domains I consider the h-refinement of
C^1-continuous isogeometric spaces. These spaces in general do not have optimal
approximation properties. I will report the results of a recent work, in
collaboration with Annabelle Collin and Thomas Takacs, where we develop the error
theory and identify the class of geometry parametrizations that allow optimal order
of convergence.

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