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When Stochastics Matters: New Pathways in Ship Design Using Stochastic Simulation-based Design Optimization

Dr. Matteo Diez, INSEAN-CNR, Rome

Sala Conferenze IMATI-CNR - Martedì 15 Dicembre 2015 h.15:00


If greenhouse gas emissions will continue to drive global temperatures upward, a more hostile natural environment can be foreseen, with a broad range of consequences, including rising averaged sea states and sea levels, along with increasing frequency of storms and extreme waves events. Ships will always sail under a broad range of aleatoric operating and environmental conditions, whose intrinsic uncertainty cannot be reduced by either the designer or the operator. The large variety and complexity of design conditions and requirements motivated the development of stochastic simulation-based design optimization (SSBDO) methods, which have replaced the traditional build-and-test paradigm (costly and time consuming), providing opportunities for robust design decision, large design space exploration, and unconventional concepts. The confidence of the final solution relies on the use of accurate high-fidelity solvers, which have been constantly developed exploiting the increasing availability of high-performance computing systems. The SSBDO integrates three main elements: (a) geometry modification and automatic meshing, (b) analysis tools including high-fidelity solvers and uncertainty quantification methods, and (c) optimization algorithms. Its implementation represents an algorithmic and technological challenge, facing almost unaffordable computational costs. The seminar will present recent progress in efficient shape optimization for ship design, which includes design space dimensionality reduction techniques based on the Karhunen-Loève Expansion [1], uncertainty quantification methods for the ship performance in waves [2], hybrid global/local derivative-free optimization algorithms [3], and finally metamodels based on adaptive sampling procedures [4]. The applications will cover numerical studies, as well as their final experimental assessment [5].


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