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Energy band calculations for graphene nanoribbons

Dr. Clément Jourdana, LJK, Université Grenoble Alpes

Sala Conferenze, IMATI-CNR - Giovedì 1 Dicembre 2016 h.15:00

Abstract. Graphene is a two dimensional material made of a honeycomb lattice of carbon atoms. Due to its extraordinary properties, it becomes a promising material for various applications, in particular in nanoelectronics. In this talk, we are interested in the numerical calculation of the electronic band structure for graphene nanoribbons GNRs. The band structure describes the range of energies that an electron within the nanoribbon can have and it allows to characterize its electronic properties. GNRs are thin strips of graphene in which electrons are confined along a given longitudinal direction. The transversal edges of GNRs break the lattice symmetries and it has a strong influence on the band structure. We will consider two different type of edges, called zigzag and armchair, and we will compare the numerical results obtained using two well-known methods, namely a tight-binding approach and a pseudopotential approximation.

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