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N-player games and mean field games with absorption

Prof. Luciano Campi, London School of Economics

Sala conferenze IMATI-CNR, Pavia - Martedì 16 Gennaio 2018 h.15:00

Abstract. We introduce a simple class of mean field games with absorbing boundary over a finite time horizon. In the corresponding N-player games, the evolution of players' states is described by a system of weakly interacting Ito equations with absorption on first exit from a bounded open set. Once a player exits, her/his contribution is removed from the empirical measure of the system. Players thus interact through a renormalized empirical measure. In the definition of solution to the mean field game, the renormalization appears in form of a conditional law. We justify our definition of solution in the usual way, that is, by showing that a solution of the mean field game induces approximate Nash equilibria for the N-player games with approximation error tending to zero as N tends to infinity. This convergence is established provided the diffusion coefficient is non-degenerate. The degenerate case is more delicate and gives rise to counter-examples. This talk is based on a joint work with Markus Fischer (Padova University).

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